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Candidate Statements on Homeschooling

Here's What Your Candidates Said About Home Schooling 2018

Click on your district on the map, below. Then click on the names of your candidates to see how they responded to the ICHE Candidate Survey on home schooling.

The Candidate Letter can be downloaded in MS Word format here.

Each election, ICHE asks Idaho's candidates for public office to answer a series of questions on home education. Follow the instructions below to find out how the candidates for whom you will vote have responded:

  1. On the maps below, click on the part of the state where you live. If you live in the Treasure Valley, use the map on the right. All others use the map on the left. This will enlarge the area of the map which you selected.
  2. On the enlarged map, click on your district. This will bring up a list of all state and federal candidates for the district in which you live. Those whose names are shown in blue letters have responded to the ICHE Candidate Questionnaire. Click on those names to see their responses to the ICHE survey. Candidates whose names appear in black letters have not responded.

ICHE encourages you to support and vote for those candidates who will continue to protect our freedom to teach our children at home. Please call and volunteer to help the campaigns of those candidates. Mark Your Calendar and don't forget to vote in the Primary Election on May 15th and the General Election on November 6th!

Idaho State
Full Idaho Map
Treasure Valley Inset
Treasure Valley Inset

National Candidates

Office: US Representative District 1

CON - Pro-Life
DEM - Christina McNeil
DEM - Michael W Smith
DEM - James Vandermaas
REP - Russ Fulcher
REP - Alex Gallegos
REP - Nick Henderson
REP - David H. Leroy
REP - Luke Malek
REP - Christy Perry
REP - Michael Snyder
LIB - W. Scott Howard

Office: US Representative District 2

DEM - Peter Rickards
DEM - Aaron Swisher
REP - Mike Simpson

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