The Home School Legal Defense Association maintains an excellent online library of articles that are of interest to home schooling families. The issues website can be accessed at http://www.hslda.org/docs/default.asp. The HSLDA library includes articles on the following topics:

Education Issues Parental Rights and Family Issues
Education issues are at the core of the National Center and encompass the essence of what NCHE and HSLDA has purposed to do. Issues such as the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act and IDEA are especially important to NCHE. As court cases and news reports show, parents' rights are under attack. HSLDA seeks to provide support for strengthening parental rights in our legal system in lieu of government oversight.
Privacy Religious Liberty Tax
Legislation and laws that the National Center has been monitoring over the last several years include: the American Community Survey, legislation on national ID cards, the Children's Alternative Tax ID Act, 1999 FDIC Know Your Customer rule, and more. Over the past decade, the U.S. Supreme Court has been gradually whittling away the protections of the First Amendment's Free Exercise of Religion Clause. Now states must make the decision to restore protection for religious freedom to the level we once enjoyed. Covering topics such as education tax credit and the marriage tax penalty; the National Center remains active in tax issues.
Complete Library Index
Congress      Parental Rights and Family Issues
   105th Congress (1997-1998)    Marriage Amendment
   106th Congress (1999-2000)    Custody Disputes
   107th Congress (2001-2002)    Daytime Curfews
   108th Congress (2003-2004)    Immunization
Education Issues    Mental Health Screening
   Biblical Home Schooling    Parent Taught Drivers' Education
   Colleges and Universities/Homeschool Admission    United Nations
   Compulsory Attendance Age Legislation      Privacy
   Daytime Curfews    American Community Survey
   Federal Role in Education    Immunization
   Goals 2000    Know Your Customer FDIC 199
   Government Homeschool Proclamations    Mental Health Screening
   Homeschool Equal Access in Public Schools / Sports    National ID Cards
   Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act (HONDA)    Social Security Administration
   Homeschool Success    United Nations
   Homeschoolers in the Military    US Census
   Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)      Religious Liberty
   Military    Immunization
   National Board for Professional Teaching Standards    Religious Freedom - State
   NCAA    Religious Liberty Protection Act
   No Child Left Behind Act (Or: Elementary and Secondary Education Act)      Tax
   Parent Taught Drivers' Education    Education Savings Accounts
   Public School Failures    Education Tax Credit - Federal
   Socialization    Education Tax Credit - State
   Special Needs/Learning Disability    Marriage Tax Penalty
   Straight A's Act    Vouchers
   Support Groups     
   Teacher Qualifications for Homeschoolers     
   Testing - Federal     
   Testing - State     
   Virtual Charter Schools (i.e., cyber and online government schools)     
   Vocational Education/Job Training     
   Carl Perkins Act     

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