Thank you for the great work you do for Idaho Coalition of Home Educators. It's so important!
     I always look forward to the pie, and all the wonderful kids on the fourth floor who make home education sparkle like the crown jewel it is.

Representative Lenore Hardy Barrett, District 35

To all my friends at ICHE,

     Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the displays and exhibits at your "Day on the Hill" event. I can truly say that I was impressed with every presentation! The students were well prepared, well spoken, and real ladies and gentlemen.


Tom Luna
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Just a note to thank you for the pie and fellowship. As always I was impressed with the kids.

Thanks you, again. Keep up the good work.

Representative Dick Harwood, District 2

Idaho Coalition of Home Educators,

     Thank you for the "Complete Pie Book, A Slice of Life" and the piece of pie. I enjoyed my visit with you. Home Schooling is an excellent opportunity for parents who desire to teach their children at home.
     I am impressed by the variety and high quality of educational experience for home school students. Please let me know if you need my support in other endeavors.

Representative Stan Bastien, District 14

Dear Friends,

     Thank you very much for the apple pie that was delivered to my home on December 29th. It was, as the pies in the rotunda have been during the legislative session, very good!
     Your thoughtfulness and kindness are very much appreciated.
     I am always very impressed at the displays on the 4th floor rotunda during the legislative session of the work that the home schooled youth do during their instruction. One of the concerns that I had a number of years ago was the possible lack of social skills for home schooled youth. I do have 2 nieces and a nephew in Oregon who are home schooled so I have some first hand knowledge of the process and do feel that school choice is something that is needed to encourage better education of all of Idaho's children.
     I look forward to the display on the rotunda this year and being able to visit with the students and parents.
     Once again, thank you for the pie.

Representative Darrell Bolz, District 10

Dear ICHE Board of Directors, families, and friends,

     Thank you so much for sharing your pies and "A Slice of Life." The medalist and teen ambassadors were certainly knowledgeable about the displays. The pie was delicious.

Representative Mike Mitchell, District 7

Dear Home School Families,

     Thank you so very much for the pie cook book. I had so much fun looking through the recipes and finding ones to try.
     My special thanks to the Point Family, Emry Family, Nelsons, Bentons, Nesses, Holland, and Wilson Families from my district #13 who contributed to the book.
     Special thanks to Shawna Ipsen Ingram who edited this fine work. I know her family of Senators are proud of her.
     Thanks so much for this special gift.

Senator Patti Anne Lodge, District 13

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