A Slice of Life

 A Slice of Life

Welcome to ICHE's A Slice of Life!

Each year, in early February, ICHE visits the Idaho State Legislature with dozens (many dozens) of pies. These are presented in appreciation for service to home educators and their families throughout the state - and they've become so popular that in 2006, the recipes for these pies were compiled and crafted into a limited-edition book that was presented to each legislator. While you can't get your hands on a copy of one of these printed books unless you work in state government, you CAN visit the ICHE website each day - we'll be presenting one recipe, and vignettes of the families that submitted them, in this section.

If you chose to print out the recipes and introduction, we've added a nice print style sheet to make that feasible. Go ahead and give it a try. Each recipe will be posted for three days on a rotating basis throughout the year. Use a three-ring binder with sheet protectors. To wrap it up nicely, we are giving you a cover, title page. and table of contents:

Cover (PDF file, 334K - right-click (option-click on a Mac) to download)
(Full-page front/back versions coming soon)
Title Page (PDF file, 106K - right-click (option-click on a Mac) to download)
Table of Contents

To post your family photo, vignette, and/or pie recipe, email your entry and legislative district number to listkeeper@iche-idaho.org.

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