Testing Registration is Closed
Open May 1 to September 25

Ada Region: March 20, 21, 22
March 21, 22
(ITBS) 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
(ITED) 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Other Regions: March 6, 7, 8
March 7, 8
(ITBS) Times vary
(ITED) Times vary

Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information


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  2. Testing Results
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  4. Testing Registration Forms
  5. Recommended Testing Resources
  6. 15 Reasons to Test with ICHE

Why Test?


In Idaho, there is no statutory testing requirement for home educated students. This policy is supported by research demonstrating that the degree of governmental regulation has no significant effect on the academic performance of home schoolers and is of no apparent benefit to student learning. Whether a state imposes a high degree of regulation, low regulation, or no regulation, home school test score averages are statistically identical. (Brian D. Ray, Homeschool Progress Report 2009: Academic achievement and demographics, 2009)


Most home educators choose to voluntarily test their children in the manner best suited to each child. Achievement test results can be a helpful tool in the development of an individual learning plan and in curriculum selection appropriate to each student. In addition, establishing a large database of compiled scores lends credibility to the educational excellence of home educated students. Because our scores are so very high, the larger the number of students tested, the more convincing our scores become to both legislators and the public. This issue was fundamental to the passage of our current favorable home education law in 2009 and to the defeat of H.R. 6, the federal legislation to eliminate home education, in 1994. Therefore, your participation is urged, not only for your own information but to continue to safeguard our freedoms.


Results are sent directly to individual families. Under no circumstances will individual test scores be released to anyone other than the parents.

Honors Society and Who's Who Nominations

Based on individual test scores, qualifying ICHE-tested students are nominated to two honoraries.


Ninth through twelfth grade students with a complete composite score of the 90th percentile or higher qualify as ICHE Summa Cum Laude Scholars. Only ICHE-tested students are eligible for this honor society. Only those seniors are entitled to wear white honor cords at the Idaho State Homeschool Graduation.


Fifth through twelfth grade students with a complete composite score of the 80th percentile or higher qualify for Who's Who Among Idaho Scholars. Only those seniors are entitled to wear gold honor cords at the Idaho State Homeschool Graduation.

ICHE Testing Program


ICHE testing is open to all privately home educated students who are taught three or more of the following academic subjects at home: math, language, reading, science, and social studies. Our composite data is strictly a comparison of privately home educated students and publicly educated students. Therefore, students enrolled in public virtual charter schools including Idaho Virtual Academy (K-12) and IDEA do not qualify for ICHE testing.


Students are tested on the nationally standardized Iowa Tests.

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) grades 3-9: Ninth graders will choose either the ITBS or the ITED.
Required tests: vocabulary, reading, spelling, capitalization, written expression, punctuation, math, computation, social studies, science

Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) grades 9-12:
Required tests: reading, written expression, vocabulary math, computation, social studies, science


New student testing fee: $34.00
Returning student testing fee: $29.00
ICHE Membership fee
12 months added to current member expiration date

All fees are nonrefundable. ICHE is not responsible for lost or stolen answer sheets or test results.

ITBS students: A parent or other designated adult is required to attend all testing sessions. Siblings who are not testing are not permitted at testing sites under any circumstances.

Membership status: Click here or check the expiration date on your membership card. Memberships include an ICHE Educator Discount Card and Student ID Cards which are honored by many businesses for discounts. Memberships are valid for one year.

Test Results

In addition to group composite statistics, comparisons are offered with public school scores, as well as data based upon the number of years of home education. Students who have been home educated three or more years typically score 15 to 20 points higher than those home educated for one year or less. Idaho home educated students as a whole, regardless of the number of years of home education, typically score 25 to 30 points higher than Idaho public school students.

Testing Dates

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS): grades 3-9
Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED): grades 9-12

Spring 2018: Registration Open May 1 to September 25, 2017

Ada Region: March 20, 21, 22
March 21, 22
(ITBS) 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
(ITED) 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Other Regions: March 6, 7, 8
March 7, 8
(ITBS) Times vary
(ITED) Times vary

Test Registration Forms Posted May 1 to September 25, 2017

New this year! Testing registration is open from May 1 to September 25, 2017, for testing in March, 2018. There are two ways to register for testing, by mail or online. Testing sites are filled based on postmark and online registration dates. If your requested regional testing site reaches capacity, you will be contacted with the opportunity to select a different testing site or receive a refund of your fees. Registration Packets with specific instructions concerning testing will be mailed the following January. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

  1. ONLINE REGISTRATION: Available May 1 - September 25, 2017

    Online registration closes midnight, September 25. You will receive an immediate email confirmation that your registration has been processed. If you have difficulty in registering online, contact registrations@iche-idaho.org before the deadline with your name, address, phone number, email address, and the specific nature of your registration problem, and you will be contacted by ICHE for assistance.

  2. MAIL-IN REGISTRATION: Available May 1 - September 25


Recommended Testing Resources

Achievement Test Success
Help your students do their best on testing day by understanding the objectives and scoring methods of the IOWA tests.

Test Preparation Resources
There are many excellent resources available to familiarize students with the content and format of timed standardized tests. These are particularly helpful for students unfamiliar with the content of the Sources of Information section (tables, charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, and reference materials.) You are urged to order test preparation materials early and use them throughout the year. Test Preparation Resources.

15 Reasons to Test with ICHE

  1. Dissuades legislative regulation
  2. Private with no governmental access to test scores
  3. Low-cost testing for members
  4. Educator & student discount cards honored by many businesses
  5. Who's Who Among Idaho Scholars qualification
  6. Summa Cum Laude Scholars qualification
  7. Graduation honor cords
  8. Practice for college entrance exams
  9. Curriculum planning
  10. Detailed score reports
  11. 20 testing sites throughout Idaho
  12. Graphs comparing ICHE, Idaho, and national scores
  13. Dual enrollment qualification
  14. ICHE membership
  15. Weekly legal email updates
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